Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sometimes we sing songs & put them on YouTube!

& by sometimes we mean just this one time.  But we plan on doing it again really soon so watch this one & subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos whenever we get around to posting them.  You won't regret it!  We don't just sing...we have many talents including but not limited to: "dancing", talking, impersonations, being weird, making you laugh, & trying to be famous.  Maybe, if you're nice to us we'll let you be in a video...maybe.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's the Most "Interesting" Time of the Year!

Hey y'all, it's Mary...AGAIN!!!

Here's just a little taste into how my Christmas break went/is going:

So my dating life exploded at the beginning of Christmas break...I went on three dates(with two guys) in one week.  The first, first date(we'll call him D1) was SO much fun!  He took me to a gun range(because I had mentioned that I wanted to do that on a date...I promise I'm a girl) & I out shot him!!!  After shooting, we got some lunch & talked for a couple of hours.  It was really nice!  This is where it gets complicated though. 

The next day D1 asked to take me out again.  I said yes & he said he'd call & we could plan it out later.  Soon after that, another guy(we'll call him D2) texted me to ask me on a date.  I was a little hesitant but agreed.  The only problem was that it was Wednesday night, I had a party Thursday night & was going home Saturday, so the only available day to go out with either of these guys was Friday.  And that is what happened.  D2 got the "dinner" slot & D1 got the "drinks" slot. 

The date with D2 was "interesting".  He was a college drop out, turned truck-driver that lives at home with his parents & is currently on worker's comp because he hurt his ankle getting out of his truck sweet guy...just not the one for me & here's why (Guys, this is where you should start taking notes on what NOT to do while on a date):

1. Don't tell her that you are going to sit at the bar because you know the bartender & they can get you free drinks.  If you can't afford to buy us drinks that's fine!  I'm pretty sure most of us can go for a couple of hours without drinking.
2. Don't order your food before she's ready to order. It just makes reading through the entire menu more awkward having someone stare at you...for 5 minutes.
3. If your date was in a sorority, do not insult sororities.
4. Don't interrupt her.  If you ask me a question, I am MORE than happy to answer it, but you have to actually let me answer it.
5. Don't use the word "fruity" to describe a guy who you think might be gay...& is also your date's friend from college.
6. Don't insist that she stop going to the church she's been going to for months & has made lots of friends at & really REALLY likes, so she can start going to church with you.
7. Don't ask her if she's bored.  It's a really awkward question to answer.

Like I said, sweet guy, not for me...there was no second date for him.

D1 however, got a second AND a third date.  The second was a group thing with some of our friends.  Super fun!  The third date was quite memorable.  Guys, get out your notes again:

8. Don't wait for her in your car & text "I'm outside" when you get to her place.  If a girl gives you her address so you can pick her up for a date, she's comfortable with you coming to her front door.
9. Make sure that the passenger door is unlocked when you go to open it...especially if you didn't go to her front door.
10. DO be nervous...we think it's cute & makes us feel like you really like us.
11. Don't talk about that little 3 letter word.  Even if you are talking about it because you're's not appropriate & tends to make us feel like that is your expectation for the end of the date.
12. Do flatter her(but keep it classy). 
13. Do go in for a long as it's not the first date.  If she doesn't want to kiss you, she won't.  But since she's agreed to go on a second/third/twentieth date with you, she probably wants to.
14. When a girl says you can't come inside, she means it...don't push your luck bud!
15. Do NOT(& I can't emphasize this enough) try to explain why she would enjoy it if you came inside.  If you do, there's a good chance you'll get popped up the side of yo' head!  Momma didn't raise no fool & you can run & tell THAT home boy! Keep those thoughts to yourself!

I will say though, that if you got rid of all of the things that went wrong on this date, it would've been a WONDERFUL date.  I have never been on such a nice date before.  He did everything right until the end & then it just got weird.  No fourth date...

And *POOF* just like that my dating life has disappeared once again! 

Now on to the non-romantic parts of my break!  I went home to visit my family for Christmas & had such a wonderful time!  It was so nice to spend lots of quality time with my parents & brothers.  I also got to see two of my best friends!  I went over to my BFF4EVA Rachel's house one night.  We were best friends in high school.  She lives about 20 minutes away from me now, but our schedules are very different so we don't get to see each other too much.  We hung out with her family & played Phase 10(WOAH PARTY TIME!).  It was actually really fun!  The best part though was when Rachel asked me to be her Maid of Honor for her wedding in September...DUH GIRL!!!  Her fiance, Chris, adores her & I can't wait for all of the wedding festivities to commence!!!  I also got to see Laura, my oldest friend.  Not because she's old(she's only 24 y'all), but because I've known her longer than any of my other friends.  Laura is so sweet & goofy!  We went to lunch & to see "Les Mis".  It was so great catching up with her & planning trips to visit each other in Dallas & Houston! 

Finally, Jennifer & I got to spend New Years Eve with a bunch of my friends in Dallas.  We had a progressive dinner party where we ate different courses at different homes.  It was SO much fun.  We enjoyed delicious food, watched some football, played "Just Dance", & had a great time.  Of course, it wouldn't be a true #1 event without a photoshoot so here are some of our pictures from the night:

Just kidding!  I'm experiencing some technical difficulties & will have to post our photoshoot(s) later.  All the more reason to "Follow" our blog y'all!

So yeah, it was an "eventful" break.  Now to enjoy these last couple of days before I go back to teaching!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Songs I Wish I Had Written

Hey Y'all, it's Mary!

So, I made the long journey home to visit my family for Christmas today.  (Which, by the way, is very confusing for my students when they ask what I'm doing for Christmas.  I told them I was going home & they asked "But Miss Glennon, don't you go home everyday?"  They crack me up...anyway).  On the way I decided to put my songs that I keep on my phone on shuffle & listen to whatever popped up.  That didn't last long because I realized I had accidentally loaded my students accompaniment tracks to my phone, so I just ended up skipping a lot of music.  BUT, I discovered that there are a bunch of songs that I just LOVE & refuse to skip whenever they come on.  Every time I listen to them I wish I was creative enough (or good enough with words...or paid more attention in my theory classes to put together cool chord progressions) to write these songs myself.  So, I decided to share some of them with you today.  I have an eclectic taste in music so I think there's a little bit of everything in there.  Here goes...

1. "Your Fault" from Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim
Ok, so Sondheim is a GENIUS!!!  He can do NO wrong & this is by FAR my favorite thing he has ever written(Into the Woods is tied for my favorite musical ever).  The music is just so weave-y(I know that's not a word).  You can hear how everyone's stories start to intertwine.  His lyrics are OUT OF CONTROL!  The way he rhymes things...I DIE!  Favorite line from this entire musical is in this song when the Witch says "It's your father's fault that the curse got placed & the place got cursed in the first place."  WHO THINKS LIKE THAT?!?!?!  OBSESSED!

2. "You & Me(But Mostly Me)" from Book of Mormon: The Musical by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, & Robert Lopez
And here is what is tied with Into the Woods for my favorite musical.  I was so blessed to get to see this show when I was in New York this past March(Thanks Mom & Dad!!!).  I have a ridiculously HUGE slight fascination with the Mormon faith & when I found out they were making a musical about it I HAD to see it!  I think this just sets the tone for how the rest of the musical is going to play out.  It's so cheesy & I LOVE IT!  Why does Andrew Rannells have to like boys?!

3. "Morgen!" by Richard Strauss(Sung by Barbara Bonney)
I cannot help but tear up every time I hear this song(when it's done right of course).  I sang it one semester & I will never be able to do it justice.  My all time favorite recording of it is by Barbara Bonney.  She has the most heavenly, floaty soprano voice & the way those high notes just pop up there...AH!!!

4. "Beautiful Things" by Gungor
This song has helped me through my hardest times & it is just a perfect reminder that God can take something terrible and use it to make us better people.

5. "Hey Y'all: My Contribution To Ruining Country Music Country Song! Ha!" by Aaron Watson
This song cracks me up & I NEVER skip it...& the title is perfect!  Can't help but love Texas Country music!  Why does he have to be married?!

6. "Only Prettier" by Miranda Lambert
She's just so fearless when she writes & I love that about her!  Plus, this is just so true!

7. "Not Like the Movies" by Katy Perry
Jennifer & I watched the Katy Perry movie a couple months ago & I've been listening to this song since.  Yeah, I know, it's super girly, but so am I so whatever.  It's just a nice reminder that us girls deserve that fairy tale romance & that we shouldn't talk ourselves out of wanting that.  I also just really like how deconstructed the piano part is.  I think that's what got me hooked.

8. "Beam Me Up" by Pink
I heard this song for the first time last Saturday & lost it when I did.  This is everything I've ever thought/wanted to say/wished for ever since my little sister, Dorothy, passed away almost 5 years ago.  I'm not going to get into that now because there just isn't enough time, but this song has just been such a comfort recently.  The holidays are hard without her & this song makes it a little easier.  I hope it comforts any of you who have lost someone close to you.  Thank you Pink!!!

So yeah, hope you like it!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Alive!

Oh Hey, Y'all! It's me, Jennifer.

Good news--I'm alive.

And back in Texas.

And 25.

And I have a job.

I've been meaning to update this for a while now, but my elaborate blog post plans always seemed like more than I had time for. But, you know, elaborate blog posts aren't all they're cracked up to be. If you know me/are my Facebook friend, then you know most of what goes on in my daily life--you don't need to read a recap of it on this blog (especially a recap that is 2 months overdue).

Instead, let me tell you something that I've yet to post on Facebook:

Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), is possibly the funniest book I've ever read. Why? Because Mindy and I are the same person. Well, not really the same person--more like I agree with every word that comes out of her mouth...I mean, the words she's written in this book...what I've read so far. She is my new role model. She is joining the ranks of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Emma Stone, and Zooey Deschanel. So, congratulations, Mindy!!

Seriously. I love her.

Also, this is a quote from the book that sounds like something I could have said, only she's funnier:

"I'm the kind of person who would rather get my hopes up really high and watch them get dashed to pieces than wisely keep my expectations at bay and hope they are exceeded. This quality has made me a needy and theatrical friend, but has given me a spectacularly dramatic emotional life."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School, Back to School... prove to Dad that I'm not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school. Back to school. Well, here goes nothing.

Name that movie...jk, but seriously.

So I (Mary) started my job today!  I was SO excited to finally do what I came up here for. Don't get me wrong, 3 weeks of lounging around was great, but it gets really boring after a while. Anyway, for those who don't know, I work as a voice teacher for two middle schools in Plano I.S.D. Once a week, each child gets to miss 25 minutes of their choir class to come have a one-on-one lesson with me.  Technically, I started last Tuesday, but I actually started teaching today.  Last Tuesday all the voice teachers came in to talk to the choirs & encourage kids to sign up for voice lessons.  Here's my outfit(sorry it's blurry):

Dress: Antonio Melani
Cardigan: Gap
Leopard Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Antonio Melani

When I got to school, they had a folder for me to collect money from my kids:

I met my Tuesday kids today & I'm OBSESSED!!!  They are so precious & eager to learn!  Were we that little when we were in the 6th grade?  The girls were all super excited, but I could tell the boys were nervous.  It was still a great day though!  We just talked over how lessons will work & then talked about ourselves to get to know each other better...& then they sang!  They were all SO talented!  The 6th graders were adorable!  They all turned bright red when I asked them to sing, & giggled their way through lip trills, roller coasters, & Owl ooooh's (those are warm ups fyi).  My 7th & 8th graders had taken lessons before so they were used to singing in front of people.  I was just so impressed with the talent in these kids!  It will be so fun to encourage them & help build their confidence!  I feel so blessed to be able to get to know these kids one-on-one & help them develop their natural talents!

My lunch for the day:
Turkey, Provolone, roma tomato, spring mix, & mustard sandwich.
Baby carrots
String cheese
Blue corn chips & guacamole

& my outfit:
Pants: J. Crew
Shirt, Cardigan, Belt: Forever 21
Loafers: Steve Madden

CAN'T WAIT FOR DAY 2!!!  Off to the gym now!
p.s. the movie was Billy Madison

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plano or Bust!

HELLO!  So it has been QUITE some time since our blog was last updated, but I've been waiting for just the right time...& that time is now! 

I started a new chapter of my life last week: I MOVED TO PLANO, TX!!!  I got a job teaching private voice lessons for Plano ISD earlier this summer and finally moved up last Friday.  It was definitely an emotional endeavor.  All summer I felt so ready to move, and then the night before the move, the reality of it all hit me.  I was finally an adult.  I now had to take care of myself.  That was a scary thought, but after talking to my parents I felt MUCH better about this new chapter in my life. 

The next morning my family & I hit the road to Waco to get all of my stuff from storage, then made the trek up to Plano!  Two sorority sisters of mine (Rebecca & Maddie) helped us unload my life into my new apartment.  It was SO great to catch up with them(& I found out that Maddie lives just down the street from me)!  After some rest, my family & I went out to dinner & my little brothers(Matt, 13 & Sean, 12) gave me lots of wonderful advice on living on my own.  I was getting all emotional again knowing that I'd be so far away from them but they knew EXACTLY what to say to make me feel good about the move!  I can't wait for them to visit!!!

The next day my dad & brothers went to an Eagle Scout event in Irving & my mom & I went shopping to stock me up on the essentials.  Then my family left to go back home & the unpacking began.  It took me less than a week to get everything unpacked & looking home-y!

View from the front door


Dining Room

View from the back door



Hallway: Straight ahead is my bathroom, left door is a coat closet, right doors are my laundry room, & around the corner is my room

 I LOVE my new place! It's a work in progress(I'll paint once I start making money & I have some furniture to replace). I can't wait to have people over!  I am so excited to explore DFW, find a church, start work(& meet my kiddos!!!), make new friends, & catch up with old ones!!!  I just feel so blessed & am ready to take on grown up life!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wedding Bells & Summer Sounds

Hello! It has been too long since I've posted on our wonderful blog. Seriously, I have the best intentions...I think "hey, I should write a post today!" But of course, things start happening during the day and the post continues not to happen. So, today is the day! A new post!!

A few weeks ago, my little sister got married! I had a great trip back to Texas and loved getting to be a part of such a special day!

Flat Mary and I had many adventures in the airport, on the plane, and then *gasp* Flat Mary met Mary!! (Also, at the Starbucks in the airport, I learned a new spelling of my name: Jeniffer...but with two backwards f's. You might be able to read this on the cup in the top left picture.)

My favorite parts of the week (besides the actual wedding) were probably the bachelorette party and getting ready for the wedding. I loved getting to spend time with my sister and all the other bridesmaids! We had a great time eating in downtown dallas and then an interesting night at a comedy club. Before the wedding, we just listened to music and had girl time--put on our make-up, admired our cute robes, and took pictures of ourselves. Congratulations, Rebecca and Justin! I'm so happy y'all are married!!

In other news, my lease in Atlanta is up in about 2 months. So, yay! I'm going to be making the move back to Texas very shortly! The only thing is, I need to find a job in the DFW area first (any help on that front would be greatly appreciated).

Lastly, I decided to share a little musical treat with you today. There's a playlist in the side bar with some of my current fave songs. Now, I know my musical tastes are a little diverse so I won't be offended if you think I'm insane. Take a listen if you want and hopefully you'll find a few gems to add to your own playlist for the summer. 

Take Care,