Saturday, December 22, 2012

Songs I Wish I Had Written

Hey Y'all, it's Mary!

So, I made the long journey home to visit my family for Christmas today.  (Which, by the way, is very confusing for my students when they ask what I'm doing for Christmas.  I told them I was going home & they asked "But Miss Glennon, don't you go home everyday?"  They crack me up...anyway).  On the way I decided to put my songs that I keep on my phone on shuffle & listen to whatever popped up.  That didn't last long because I realized I had accidentally loaded my students accompaniment tracks to my phone, so I just ended up skipping a lot of music.  BUT, I discovered that there are a bunch of songs that I just LOVE & refuse to skip whenever they come on.  Every time I listen to them I wish I was creative enough (or good enough with words...or paid more attention in my theory classes to put together cool chord progressions) to write these songs myself.  So, I decided to share some of them with you today.  I have an eclectic taste in music so I think there's a little bit of everything in there.  Here goes...

1. "Your Fault" from Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim
Ok, so Sondheim is a GENIUS!!!  He can do NO wrong & this is by FAR my favorite thing he has ever written(Into the Woods is tied for my favorite musical ever).  The music is just so weave-y(I know that's not a word).  You can hear how everyone's stories start to intertwine.  His lyrics are OUT OF CONTROL!  The way he rhymes things...I DIE!  Favorite line from this entire musical is in this song when the Witch says "It's your father's fault that the curse got placed & the place got cursed in the first place."  WHO THINKS LIKE THAT?!?!?!  OBSESSED!

2. "You & Me(But Mostly Me)" from Book of Mormon: The Musical by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, & Robert Lopez
And here is what is tied with Into the Woods for my favorite musical.  I was so blessed to get to see this show when I was in New York this past March(Thanks Mom & Dad!!!).  I have a ridiculously HUGE slight fascination with the Mormon faith & when I found out they were making a musical about it I HAD to see it!  I think this just sets the tone for how the rest of the musical is going to play out.  It's so cheesy & I LOVE IT!  Why does Andrew Rannells have to like boys?!

3. "Morgen!" by Richard Strauss(Sung by Barbara Bonney)
I cannot help but tear up every time I hear this song(when it's done right of course).  I sang it one semester & I will never be able to do it justice.  My all time favorite recording of it is by Barbara Bonney.  She has the most heavenly, floaty soprano voice & the way those high notes just pop up there...AH!!!

4. "Beautiful Things" by Gungor
This song has helped me through my hardest times & it is just a perfect reminder that God can take something terrible and use it to make us better people.

5. "Hey Y'all: My Contribution To Ruining Country Music Country Song! Ha!" by Aaron Watson
This song cracks me up & I NEVER skip it...& the title is perfect!  Can't help but love Texas Country music!  Why does he have to be married?!

6. "Only Prettier" by Miranda Lambert
She's just so fearless when she writes & I love that about her!  Plus, this is just so true!

7. "Not Like the Movies" by Katy Perry
Jennifer & I watched the Katy Perry movie a couple months ago & I've been listening to this song since.  Yeah, I know, it's super girly, but so am I so whatever.  It's just a nice reminder that us girls deserve that fairy tale romance & that we shouldn't talk ourselves out of wanting that.  I also just really like how deconstructed the piano part is.  I think that's what got me hooked.

8. "Beam Me Up" by Pink
I heard this song for the first time last Saturday & lost it when I did.  This is everything I've ever thought/wanted to say/wished for ever since my little sister, Dorothy, passed away almost 5 years ago.  I'm not going to get into that now because there just isn't enough time, but this song has just been such a comfort recently.  The holidays are hard without her & this song makes it a little easier.  I hope it comforts any of you who have lost someone close to you.  Thank you Pink!!!

So yeah, hope you like it!!!