Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plano or Bust!

HELLO!  So it has been QUITE some time since our blog was last updated, but I've been waiting for just the right time...& that time is now! 

I started a new chapter of my life last week: I MOVED TO PLANO, TX!!!  I got a job teaching private voice lessons for Plano ISD earlier this summer and finally moved up last Friday.  It was definitely an emotional endeavor.  All summer I felt so ready to move, and then the night before the move, the reality of it all hit me.  I was finally an adult.  I now had to take care of myself.  That was a scary thought, but after talking to my parents I felt MUCH better about this new chapter in my life. 

The next morning my family & I hit the road to Waco to get all of my stuff from storage, then made the trek up to Plano!  Two sorority sisters of mine (Rebecca & Maddie) helped us unload my life into my new apartment.  It was SO great to catch up with them(& I found out that Maddie lives just down the street from me)!  After some rest, my family & I went out to dinner & my little brothers(Matt, 13 & Sean, 12) gave me lots of wonderful advice on living on my own.  I was getting all emotional again knowing that I'd be so far away from them but they knew EXACTLY what to say to make me feel good about the move!  I can't wait for them to visit!!!

The next day my dad & brothers went to an Eagle Scout event in Irving & my mom & I went shopping to stock me up on the essentials.  Then my family left to go back home & the unpacking began.  It took me less than a week to get everything unpacked & looking home-y!

View from the front door


Dining Room

View from the back door



Hallway: Straight ahead is my bathroom, left door is a coat closet, right doors are my laundry room, & around the corner is my room

 I LOVE my new place! It's a work in progress(I'll paint once I start making money & I have some furniture to replace). I can't wait to have people over!  I am so excited to explore DFW, find a church, start work(& meet my kiddos!!!), make new friends, & catch up with old ones!!!  I just feel so blessed & am ready to take on grown up life!!!

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